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Cooking wine or Cooking sherry usually refers to inexpensive grape wine (or rice wine in Chinese and other East Asian cuisine). It is intended for use as an ingredient in food rather than as a beverage. Cooking wine typically available in North America is treated with salt as a preservative and food colouring. In other countries sherry wine is used for cooking. There is a school of thought that advises against cooking with any wine one would find unacceptable to drink.

When a usual wine bottle is opened and the wine is exposed to oxygen, a fermentative process will transform the alcohol into acetic acid resulting in wine vinegar. This does not happen in fortified wines, as the alcohol content is too high. The salt in cooking wine inhibits the growth of the microorganisms that produce acetic acid. This will preserve a bottle of cooking wine, which may be opened and used occasionally over a long period of time.
4 Helpful Tips to Successfully Cooking With Wine
Cooking with wine, like drinking wine can add another dimension to a recipe. Cultivating and enhancing flavors while accentuating textures are the main incentives for adding wine to recipes. How to Decide Which Wine to Use When deciding what kind of wine to cook with, many agree that your best bet is to cook with a wine that you would drink.
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The 5 Best White Wines for Cooking - Wine for Food-Lovers
Do you remember your first bite of linguine with white wine clam sauce, lobster bisque with sherry, or savory chicken Marsala? Cooking with white wine brings balance, fruit, and acidity to so many of our favorite recipes. Once you move past grocery store "cooking wine" (and I strongly advise you to do so!)
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Serving Wine for a Holiday Meal
You could simply place the wine in the refrigerator, but it will come out at the wrong temperature. There is an optimal temperature at which wine is served, and the temperature is dependent on the type of wine. Here, the knowledgeable wine cellar staff can be invaluable.
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How to Cook with Wine | Potluck Video
Wine is great to drink, but it is also an incredible ingredient to cook with. Charles Smith gives his advice for cooking with wine - including what wine to buy for cooking - and then shows us one of his favorite chicken recipes that uses not only wine but sage, prosciutto and parmesan.
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Food & Wine Magazine | Recipes, Menus, Chefs, Wine, Cooking, Holidays, Entertaining
Food & Wine goes way beyond mere eating and drinking. We're on a mission to find the most exciting places, new experiences, emerging trends and sensations.
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Steak with Red Wine Sauce
Making a steak is easy. Making a great steak? Well that's another matter. http://chfstps.co/1vbE4OO At ChefSteps, we don't tell you how to cook, we show you-with recipes designed to inspire and educate, tested techniques for successful results at home, and a lively forum where you'll chat with other chefs and home-cooking enthusiasts.
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Cooking with Wine
To me, the term cooking wine has two meanings: There's the wine you put in a dish, and―equally as important―the wine you sip while you cook. I think there's no better way to spend an evening than concocting a delicious dish while sipping a good wine for inspiration.
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5 Tips For Choosing a Cooking Wine
Choosing a wine to cook with can be maddening for any level cook, but with the cheat sheet below, hopefully you'll be on your way to a less stressful trip to the wine shop and a much more enjoyable meal. Read the recipe. A recipe will often provide you with your starting point.
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Cooking Wine
Any of a variety of different types of wine that are used to enhance the flavor of food dishes, such as meat, poultry, seafood, stew, vegetables, and sauces, while they are being cooked. Commerially processed wines are available in food stores as red, white or golden wines and are sold specifically for use in cooking.
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